Our Eco Promise

We are a team of environmentalists. We promise to do our best to leave a net positive impact on the planet with 1 Tree Cards. Tree planting, raising awareness of declining bee populations, using 100% recycled card, vegan inks and offering plastic free cards are all ways in which we are striving to make this world a better place. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can up our eco game, drop us a line, we’re constantly learning about new and innovative eco initiatives and are always seeking improvement.


Our cards are printed in the UK on 100% recycled FSC certified and fully-traceable material from within the EU. Our cardstock is carbon balanced and has the highest WWF ‘Check your Paper’ rating. No trees are cut down in the making of our cards and we believe using recycled paper/card is important both for businesses and consumers so that our waste has somewhere useful (and beautiful!) to go.

At the moment, just 10% of the UK’s paper products come from recycled materials and we want to be part of the change that sees this figure increase. In the past, the EU was shipping most of it’s waste paper to China to be recycled. As they have now restricted the amount we can send, it is even more important for us to find uses for our recycled paper products. To avoid chemical bleaching (which we believe cancels out the benefits of using recycled paper), we have opted for card that is not bright white. Some cards may have tiny flecks that are barely noticeable and add to the natural feel of our cards. All of our cards are also 100% recyclable, so if you don’t want to keep your card, pop it in with your mixed paper waste so it can have yet another new life. Don’t worry about the seed token label inside, that is fully recyclable too and is made from 100% recycled material.


Our 100% recycled kraft envelopes are made in the UK from EU traceable recycled content that is also completely recyclable. Using kraft fleck paper is as eco as you can get as there is no bleaching or dying in the process. 


Our printer is one of the most eco conscious out there and all of our printing is done using renewable energy. We only use vegan inks to print our cards and we avoid the use of foil, glitter and other products that can make cards un-recyclable. We use vegetable based inks when printing large quantities using litho printers and for smaller quantities we use the most eco friendly digital methods.


Compostable Sleeves for Retail

All cards sold on our website direct to customers are naked. We encourage all of our retail partners to also opt for the natural look (by offering a 4% discount) but understand that plastic sleeves are the industry standard so we want to offer an alternative to these. Our biodegradable/compostable display sleeves look just like their plastic, polypropylene counterparts, only they are made with corn and potato starch here in the UK. While these sleeves are not perfect (they are single use, they require resources to manufacture them and if put in landfill, can create methane), they do not leach micro plastic. We believe they are currently the most eco-friendly option on the market; we are amazed at how great they look and so are our retailers!

Tree Planting

We plant a tree for every card sold, yep that’s right- you buy a card, we plant a tree. You buy 10 cards, we plant 10 trees! We believe that we should strive to do good at every opportunity, so have tried to make it as easy as possible for us all to create a positive impact on the planet. Charitable organisations have enough work to do on the ground which is why we believe in a new model; one where businesses and consumers work together to fund good causes. When you choose a card with the thought of sending love to a particular person, we strive to amplify that love around the world. Click here to learn more about our tree planting.

Seed Tokens

Bee populations are declining and this is having a devastating effect on the planet. We believe this is such a crucial time and want to raise awareness by giving people a tangible way to help bees. Each card comes with a seed token that contains a mix of flowers that bees love. Planted in a pot and put in a garden or window setting, these flowers can provide a much needed snack for our buzzy bee friends while they are hard at work pollinating our planet. We get our seed paper custom made from a wonderful company in India who are keeping the art of traditional paper making alive and who have won many awards for their eco practices and for bettering the lives of people in rural areas. We did have to compromise on our air miles by sourcing from India but we believe that, considering the small size of the seed tokens (shipping one small box can deliver ten thousand tokens), the benefits make this worthwhile. We of course plant extra trees to off-set the carbon emissions 🙂