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Join our family of 200+ stockists and you’ll soon see what a demand there is for sustainable cards!

We’ve been offering wholesale greeting cards in the UK since we launched in 2018 and have seen a massive shift to more eco friendly products.

1 Tree Cards is based on eco principles and our aim is to not only offer a green alternative but also to create a net positive impact on our planet.

If you’re looking for a wholesale greeting card suppliers that doesn’t just green-wash and truly cares about the environment, you’ve come to the right place…

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Wholesale cards open to show '1 tree planted' on flower seed token inside.

We had no idea how well our customers would take the concept on board. Hardly a single customer fails to comment on what a great action it is to plant a tree for every card sold.

Not many realise that there is a seed token included in the card but are so pleased when they find out that there are multiple ecological benefits to their purchase.

As a result we now have many returning customers and have experienced a couple of moments when a customer has bought all of a particular design and asked when we will be getting some more in stock.

- Nick Gornall

Romantica Gift Shops, Bristol

We pulled out from the big boys in the card business because of the boring cards they offer. We love the thought process and the addition of the seeds, it is very in line with our way of thinking and our customers love them too!

- Steve Illsley

Alban Hill Nurseries, Buckinghamshire

1 Tree Cards quickly became our best seller over Christmas. Our customers loved the whole concept and we couldn’t get them in fast enough, particularly the festive boxes. We get many people coming back to tell us how much the recipient loved them too!

- Rose Pearson

Thoughtful Living, Stoke-on-Trent

1 Tree Cards have been an absolute success in our shop. We love the designs, the messages and their recycling and printing approach.

Each time we sell a card we take the time to tell the customer about the seed token inside and their response is “….a card that keeps giving” or “….another present, how fantastic!”.

This is such a unique selling point that we have seen an uplift in return custom – as well as bulk buys when a customer is a visitor to the town and “…haven’t seen anything like it before”

- Mark & Karen Rundle

Pagoda Interiors, Totnes

Recycled & Sustainable Card with Tree and Fox
Recycled & Sustainable Card with Tree and Fox
Recycled & Sustainable Card with Tree and Fox
Recycled & Sustainable Card with Tree and Fox